The Cage

A student installation and performance in Hull based on forced labour and child slavery experienced in Britain today. Intensive creation periods with 5 different groups of 17-18 year olds focussing on drama, dance and media, leading to a performance installation with projections by a cast of around 70.

Multimedia installation and performance by students based on real life stories collected from ex-child slaves living in the UK, using electronic media, music, dance, drama and visual arts.

Cage performances

  • Developed and presented as an Aim Higher project in Humberside in Autumn 2007
  • An excerpt was shown as part of the Kirklees Holocaust Memorial Day event in January 2008.
  • writer/producer: Adam Strickson
  • research: Mandeep Samra
  • sculpture: Antonia Stowe
  • original music: Emma Nenadic
  • workshops/direction: Chris Squire, Frances Kelly and Anne Emmott
  • lighting by Ben Locke
  • costume by Selina Nightingale