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to Participate

  • Come along to one of our an events
  • Engage with an installation
  • Or take part in a workshop

You can find latest details of most things we do on this site,
or you can join our mailing list for updates and info.
If you do come along to an event, please come and say hello, we'd like to meet in person!


to Book us

  • Do you want a centrepiece for an event?
  • Need a bespoke DVD?
  • Want an engagement process with a particular community?

Whatever the scale, however (un)formulated and regardless of the budget, we're happy to talk through possibilities (no-obligation).

Each project on this site has details and technical information, and we can swiftly provide a rough indication of costs once we have outline details of the event or project,
just call us on +44 (0) 1484 848070 or mail us using the form above


to Collaborate

Over the years we've collaborated with a wide range of:

  • Artists
  • Creative organisations
  • Agencies
  • and others

We enjoy working in new ways and combining capacities in different formats.
If you have an inkling of an idea it might be worth a chat.
What we don't have is loads of funding waiting to get spent,
but perhaps together we might see some opportunities we can't reach alone.


to Promote our work

For all our current projects we can provide:

  • Print images
  • Press releases
  • Promotional copy and background info
  • Quotes from participants and promotors
  • Biographies and Artists Statements

If you cant find what you want on our downloads page
then please mail us with your requirements that we can send or give you access to what you want.


to Research our work

30 years of experience must count for something...

  • We wont write your essay for you, but will answer any questions you ask.
  • You can also find some previous answers here > (link to Downloads)
  • We can also offer talks and presentations, and have photo's, documentation, video and information from an extensive catalogue of projects.