A giant illuminated projection book filled with a thousand-and-one fables.  This book will tell you a tale full of intriguing, animated images, and can tell any story.

The open book glows in the night sky and uses cutting edge technologies to update the age old wonder of story-telling - some tales are true, others a bit harder to believe. This substantial outdoor projection piece is inspired by the early Illuminated Manuscripts. Like them it combine words with pictures to dazzle the viewer.

This hand-coded installation tells you endless tales as fables and histories combine in an ever changing display, all read out to you as the stories write themselves across the pages of this charming book. We can build it to tell stories of any place, person or event.

Can also be set up to allow the audience to interact and include questions and stories that the audience Tweet - the clever Codex chat-bot even replys to them individually via twitter and on the book.

The project has grown out of this development piece presented at Blinc digital arts festival in Conwy in October 2013, presenting poetry and audience-animated figures:

Codex trial at Blinc
See more about this development piece at Blinc

It has also spawned this smaller, indoor piece, used to support events at Huddersfield Literature Festival in March 2014, such as this event with poet Lemn Sissay:

Codex Notebook at Huddersfield Literature Festival with Lemn Sissay
See more about the Notepad at HLF 2014

Codex compliments our Lightweight outdoor projection sphere - which also merges participation with digital arts.

  • 6m wide, 3.5m high.
  • Audience interactive