Codex Notepad

Images mix with selected live and prepared text all written large across the pages of a 3m wide notepad. Audiences watch words rewrite themselves, images develop, and pages turn to reveal new material.

This installation places live projection on a large open book. In being able to display any relevant content it is able to enhance many events. Particularly suited to literature and arts festivals where it can support a range of events, or provide a central focus. Codex Notepad is able to include selected live Tweets, text and relevant quotes that we input in real time during platform discussion.

It even has an optional poetic ‘chat-bot’ able to automatically answer tweets with an enigmatic quote. Any of these features can be displayed alongside prepared quotes, stanzas and images in this elegant and engaging artwork.

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Developed for Huddersfield Literature Festival in March 2014, the piece earned a great reception.

Huddersfield University
  • Open book is 3m wide x 1.5m high
  • Stands on slender legs, about 1.5m high
  • Uses very short throw projectors
  • Can present live input text
  • Can display images
  • Cab show selected tweets

I've performed at literature festivals all over the world - and this should be everywhere!

Lemn Sissay, poet, author and broadcaster

I loved the installation.  Being a big fan of books, my eyes were drawn in to the big open pages and it was a clever way to share images.  The live text feature was so engaging...literally bringing words to life.  I hope that this installation goes on to appear at many more events and festivals!

Rose Condo, Head of Community Engagement Lawrence Batley Theatre and performance poet