Infinity Disks


A kinetic sculpture made up of spinning disks, together creating a mesmeric and ever moving Moiré optical effect all lit with  ‘black-light’ ultraviolet lamps giving it an ethereal glow that intensifies as darkness draws in.

The installation is paired with a whispering audio-scape that combines meditations on infinity from a range of sources, together with our bespoke poetic ‘chat-bot’ that is able to both incorporate and respond to live Twitter messages.

The Moiré Effect

Named after rippled or ‘water’ effect textile pattern known as moiré in French, this mesmeric optical effect appears when identical repetitive patterns or arrays of dots overlap with imperfect alignment.
Straddling mathematics, physics, and art, the patterns are not in the objects themselves, but actually are an effect that only occurs in our perception. They form as an image in the eye, or rather the brain that is caused by the interference patterns between two identical forms.


Our automatic 'chat-bot' (short for Chatter Robot, defined as “a computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation with one or more human users”).
We have assembled one which can search and use all Twitter messages that use a particular hashtag, or come from a particular location, or come from designated users, or any combination of the above. It also includes a good swear filter (especially important as Twitter can be a sweary format).
Our Chat-bot mixes two different flavours:

One simply attempts to answer people's Twitter messages in the manner of a therapist, by quoting sections of their tweet back again adding a question, and so attempting to create a dialogue in replying to them,

The other format create new poetic tweets by drawing on a library of prepared text and poetry, but engineering new meanings from it.
Together these appear to give the Chat-bot a character which can be at times quite funny, enigmatic, cheeky or profound aller.


The Twitter messages and Chat-bot responses will pass through and text-to-speech voice generator. This will become the leading sound element amplified and played out over a series of small hidden speakers to create a bucolic sound bed of natural and etherial sounds.


An early5-disk prototype version has been created, we'd like to build a 25-disk installation in a particular site.