Light Waves

colour silhouettes

Reactive light installation for a small park at Seven Sisters, Tottenham, London

Animated illuminations.  
Vibrant colours ripple between trees, triggered by passers-by as they move along the path beneath. 
Selected trees will illuminate with rippling colour effects using colour changing LED floodlights. These will respond to peoples movements through a radio connected network of sensors that respond to peoples movements along the path. 
The sensors are connected to a bespoke animation algorithm that draws on real-time data. Pedestrian movement, speed and direction feed into live animation software to create an ever changing light and colour effect that is ulimately controlled by anyone passing along the path.
Paige Green, Tottenham, London, N15 4PW
Tube: Seven Sisters (Victoria). Rail: Seven Sisters. London Overground: South Tottenham. Bus 41, 123, 230, W4.


Chris Squire

Nick Mitchell

supported by Ian Parkinson (High Level Electrics)