Momentum Wheel

crowds watching the Momentum Wheel at HeckmondLight

A new installation combining digital display, filament lightbulbs and pyrotechnics, designed to help the Christmas lights switch on go with a bang.

Specially created for HeckmondLight as a part of the Christmas light switch on event, and commissioned by Heckmondwike Community Alliance and Creative Scene.

The structure features a slim steel tower nearly 5m tall with four stout stabiliser legs. Mounted at the top are the centres of two concentric wheels which spin independently and feature a variety of lighting effects:

Specially created for Heckmondwike, this giant Catherine Wheel effect stands nearly 8m tall and is designed to be a feature effect at night-time outdoor events.

Able to operate in a constrained area where fireworks might not usually be feasible and combines a range of different lighting features. It works well as a centrepiece especially suited as part of a count-down moment køb cialis.

Green Park, Heckmondwike, WF16 0HE
  • 1. Small Inner Wheel: Digital Effects
    1.8m diameter digital LED pattern system with customised imagery spins at 150rpm.
  • 2. Big Outer Wheel: Switched Lights
    4.4m diameter curved arms feature switched lighting strip and filament bulbs in four arcs. Powered by an on-board battery and switched by cams as it rotates at  40rpm.
  • 3. Double Fulcrum spinners
    Four 1m long free-swinging bars with ‘double-fulcrum’ eccentric motion, causing coloured LED lights to move in usual motion.
  • 4. Pyrotechnics
    Pyro effects controlled wirelessly. A ‘fuse wire’ can be lit from a distance to trigger the start of its display.
  • Andy Plant
  • Chris Squire