Other People's Shoes: Consumer Research

Consumer Research shoe boxes

Consumer Research sessions in Community Centres in shoe producing areas of Rawtenstall, Dewsbury and Leicester. The sessions explored memories and aspirations In collaboration with Those Environmental Artists.

Reflecting the life of an everyday object through seven phases:

The entire sequence occurred between 1992 - 1994 in all three areas: West Yorkshire, Lancashire and the East Midlands. Produced in collaboration with 'Those Environmental Artists'.

Harris Museum, Preston; LMU Gallery, Leeds; Leicester City Art Gallery and other venues

Impossible Theatre: Charlott Diefenthal, Chris Squire

Those Environmental Artists: John Biddulph, Peter Hatton, Val Murray, Lynne Pilling

....shoes are a designer's life-style dream and a factory worker's mass product, a customers second skin and personality display and a museum curator's artifact of cultural anthropology. These different viewpoints are explored in a variety of appropriate locations and formats through a carefully structured modular process