Our Story


Our roots are in the performing arts having produced a series of strongly visual and often richly musical pieces. Now, having moved beyond theatre, our work is recognised as being at the forefront of participatory events, new media and installations.

Here’s an overview of our evolution through some key projects:

2009-2016: Digital + Participation

Working at the boundary between digital, participatory and installation art. Projects included:

Codex at blinc. Photo: Chris Squire Codex Images mix with selected live and prepared text all written large across the pages of a 6m book. Audiences watch words rewrite themselves, images develop, and pages turn to reveal new material.
Lightweight 'Look' photo: Porl Medlock Lightweight

A 360˚ projection globe that invites audiences to have their picture mapped into live animations that swarm around the globe alongside movies, audio, graphic effects, pictures, text and even Tweets.

Rogues Gallery screengrab Rogues Gallery Mixing contemporary local faces with archive portraits of the people in a cranky automated photographic studio.
Silverscreen at Cheriton Artlands. Photo: Tim Copsey Silverscreen A vintage looking camera at an outdoor photo station contains face recognition software takeng a short sequence of images. These are combined with other quirky imagery, the resulting live animations are projected onto a large translucent screen.
6 Million+ 6 Million+ Exploring ways to create a permanent, public sculpture in Huddersfield commemorating the Jews and other minorities killed in the Holocaust and in continuing genocides.



2005-2008: Education + Development

Regeneration, consultation and education work. Projects included:

inside the ChromaVan The ChromaVan Exploring the links between colour and emotion in a specially adapted touring caravan first designed. Vivid LED lights give participants an intimate light show experience bathing them in pure colour. “a joy to the soul - loved it”
Dudey Movie

Work with local teenagers to research and produce a unique video inspired by film making ideas pioneered over100 years ago in Holmfirth. Producing an original short film introducing and updating the original material.

Double Portraits A film weaving together conversations, poetry and imagery around 12 sanctury seekers exploring their experiences as part of the Holocaust Memorial Day. Part of the ‘6 million+’ installtion, Kirklees Newcastle and London køb cialis.
Refresh Berry Brow A community engagement project around two blocks of flats in Huddersfield. Unpopular, with little community spirit and visually unappealing, the project aimed to help build a better outlook.
The Cage 200 years since it was abolished, forced labour and child slavery are still found in Britain today. Part of a team developing a 70-strong cast student installation and performance in Hull based on contemporary global slavery.
Dhoom video Creative Partnerships Work with a range of schools to use creative approaches helping to improve engagement and creative learning of pupils.



1999-2004: Leaving live arts...

Video, at first a rehearsal and documentary tool, becomes a creative product; It was also now possible to experiment with suplimenting the live with a digital presence. Developing capacity in film and video, as well as new interactive digital formats. Projects included:

Longley: the Movie With an all star cast of 137 - the whole workforce at Longley Farm, Britain's largest independent dairy - creating a record of the farm at work, "We spend a huge part of our lives working and yet, unlike holidays or social events, this goes by largely unrecorded"
 Selector An oracle offering a range of eclectic wisdom's. As players are guided into the system they find themselves on a symbolic and virtual supermarket trip - but this is no ordinary grocers, it is the supermarket of life.
Routes 2r Roots

Participatory new media project exploring local heritage with young people from Fieldhead estate near Leeds. An interactive CD-Rom, touring exhibition, and public sculpture.



1992-1998: Process + Cross-art form + Event

Collaborating with new artist led us to work in different ways - developing an even more process-led approach in many new contexts. Now working in galleries, shops, factories and forests more that theatres and studios. Projects include:

Other People's Shoes dance Other People's Shoes

The life of a shoe mirrored through a events ranging from CONSUMER RESEARCH in Community Centres, RETAIL in Shopping Centres to MUSEUM in Art Galleries. A collaboration with Those Environmental Artists.

Home Sweet Home: Jenny hair up Home Sweet Home

Yorkshire, UK & Germany A 4 roomed revolving bijou fabric residency, furnished with soft objects, a poet, 500 metres of printed cloth and live music.

Sculpture Picnic Trail Sculpture Picnic Trail A workshop based land art project working with a large range of participants to construct scarecrow sculptures from recycled materials. The event concluded in a celebratory event after a week of preparation in Holme Styes Wood, Holmfirth.
Evidence Room postcard The Evidence Room A animated video based fieldwork research project with both offenders and victims of crime leading to an educational outreach project and a gallery video installation with live performance 'The Evidence Room'.
Destined Sheffield railway station sees the beginning or end of 10,000 journeys each day. For 5 weeks a pair of electromagnetic information boards offered those in transit a chance to ruminate on life's journey.


1987-1991: Performance + Sculpture + Participation

Developing a richly visual performance style that crossed over into site-specific installation and event, alongside participatory workshops. More richly visual and sculptural projects featuring installation work and early participatory projects. Projects included:

Borderland. photo Porl Medlock Borderland U.K. Germany & Italy Mixing episodes from the life of Virginia Woolf and her novel Orlando with live music set in a large, floppy, white, canvas environment. Choreography by Janet Smith, Environment by Peter Hatton, Original Score by Peadar Long.
The Passage Leeds A site-specific event with sculptors, musicians and performers creating a 200m series of inhabited cloth chambers inviting spectators on an intriguing procession of atmospheres and tableaux vivant.
inside the Sensation Machine Sensation Machine Young people operate a pyramid shaped womb/tomb machine that stimulates each of the senses. Developed during a workshop series and culminating in a grand finale ‘Sensation’ event where participants entered the machine on a rail-chair for a 5-minute head-long experience.


1983 - 1989: Physical Theatre

Exploring the use of sculpture and super-8 film alongside the live music that featured in each of these physical theatre pieces. The early years saw development from our earlier intense Grotowski inspired physical theatre training regime. Projects included:

Keaton & Kahlo poster  Keaton & Kahlo

Alternating scenes inspired by two very different lives - Buster Keaton a physical comedian and a Frida Kahlo an immobilised surrealist - in two one-person shows intermingled.

 Dr Faustus

Two performers and a musician create a touring physical theatre piece based on the works of Goethe and Marlow playing out the seven deadly sins and Fausts’s damnation.


A sculptural re-working of the Arthurian legends performed in studios and castles.