Our Work

LW York (photo credit: Kippa Mathews)


Impossible is a unique creative organisation that spans both participatory and digital arts practice. We combine innovation with involvement by producing a wide range of creative events and installations that intrigue and engage people from many different backgrounds. Based near Huddersfield in Pennine Yorkshire we often work outside traditional arts establishments in locations that range from community venues, factories, shopping centres and railway stations.

Projects offer fresh perspectives, asking people to consider aspects of their own lives anew in projects that can range from large scale visual poetry to intriguing participatory activities. Film and digital media often feature in our work, which straddles personal creativity and new technologies to offer participants dynamic participation in the creation of personal artwork.



We offer an ongoing educational programme with pupils, students and professionals, having delivered practical workshops and training sessions at all levels. We have enhanced CRB certificates and child protection policies in place.

We have worked closely with a range of schools to develop a more creative approach to the curriculum. This involved working alongside staff, sometimes over extended periods of time, to devise programmes, develop ideas and manage projects, as well as delivering CPD, training sessions and keynote presentations.

Much of our work is with young people, and the aim is to better allow learners to connect with their own inquisitiveness and enable the next step on their learning journey.

Royds Hall


The arts can re-present familiar aspects of our lives in new ways and help people to reflect and change, and as such we have been involved in many creative consultation and regeneration projects. Our work often involves a journey of discovery, a creative exploration of new practice, contexts and participants. We regularly work in collaboration with artists of many disciplines: film-makers, sculptors, performers, musicians, poets, photographers and dancers.

We follow the principles of quality participatory arts in finding value in the creativity of all, and much is participatory but can be by, with or for people. Whist some projects offer an introduction to a form of expression, others provide concrete skills whilst a few more create the context and opportunity for people to be able to follow their own creative journeys.

Impact of Art workshop