Participatory Projects

audience playing with Shadowdance

This new installation invites audiences to become a spectator, a participant, or even a performer, dancing with their own shadows - or other peoples.

A 360˚ projection globe that invites audiences to have their picture mapped into live animations that swarm around the globe alongside movies, audio, graphic effects, pictures, text and even Tweets.

A giant illuminated projection book filled with a thousand-and-one fables.  This book will tell you a tale full of intriguing, animated images, and can tell any story.

Rogues Gallery

Mixing contemporary local faces with archive portraits of the people in a cranky automated photographic studio.

48 hrs of inspiration, creation and fun, a chance for a wide range of Street Arts professionals to gather - for 2015 at 101 Creation Space, Greenham Common, Newbury.


A kinetic sculpture made up of spinning disks, together creating a mesmeric and ever moving Moiré optical effect all lit with  ‘black-light’ ultraviolet lamps giving it an ethereal glow that intensifies as darkness draws in.

Codex at blinc digital arts festival, conwy

The CODEX installation is inspired by Illuminated Manuscripts, and like them it combines bespoke words and image, but re-imagined as an open book that lights up in the night sky.

A Northern Street Arts get-together, held at the Watershed in January 2010, provided a chance to congregate, speculate and re-invigorate; catch up with old friends and make new ones.

A hands on exploration of colour and light during a rich half-day workshop suitable for both schools and community groups. Sessions include: The colour wheel; Colour mixing; Creating colour imagery, An immersive exploration in the ChromaVan.

Ultra-violet hats representing the solar system constructed and performed with by Newsome Junior school.


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