Participatory Projects

Retail events in Shopping Centres transforming empty shops in Dewsbury, Rawtenstall and Leicester into a cross between a gallery, a performance arena and a shop of other peoples shoe’s. In collaboration with Those Environmental Artists.

Consumer Research shoe boxes

Consumer Research sessions in Community Centres in shoe producing areas of Rawtenstall, Dewsbury and Leicester. The sessions explored memories and aspirations In collaboration with Those Environmental Artists.

inside the Sensation Machine

Launch event for a Luddite Machine. Workshops with youth groups created a special machine which invited one person at a time to enter it. Operated by the the Young Batley group, the machine was able to stimulate all five of the senses.

inside the ChromaVan

Soak in pure colour - witness the curious perception effects that surprise and mesmerise all who enter “a joy to the soul - loved it”


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