Lighght becomes part of the Wingbeats opera - on stage adding atmosphere, visual interest and context to the performance.

Ultra-violet hats representing the solar system constructed and performed with by Newsome Junior school.


A short play on the subject of paranoia, written in body language and performed by androids. Three robots run on a Moebius Loop behaviour programme affected by the presence of strangers, and they are starting to mistrust each other. Made in collaboration with Forkbeard Fantasy.

Drama based on accounts from modern day child slaves, sex slaves and forced soldiers living in Britain today. This excerpt from a previously developed performance in Hull was performed at the Holocaust Memorial Day event in Huddersfield.

A student installation and performance in Hull based on forced labour and child slavery experienced in Britain today. Intensive creation periods with 5 different groups of 17-18 year olds focussing on drama, dance and media, leading to a performance installation with projections by a cast of around 70.

Helping develop Oldham College student’s street style performances as part of this large public Halloween event with Pif-Paf.

Walkabout visual theatre piece in collaboration with Whitewood and Flemming Music Theatre.

Developing an inflatable street theatre piece with Inztant Arts. This entertaining street spectacle was designed to tour street carnivals, festivals and fetes throughout the country.

Live art commission, Ferens Live art space, Hull exploring pictures, property, and philosophy.

Evidence Room postcard

14 short devised performances at Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery within the installation. With live music (Clive Bell and Christian Weaver) and performance (Kazuko Hohki and Chris Squire).


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