A Northern Street Arts get-together, held at the Watershed in January 2010, provided a chance to congregate, speculate and re-invigorate; catch up with old friends and make new ones.

A video celebrating the six meals held at different locations in Kirklees where the participants, including survivors, remember the Holocaust and more recent genocides.

An inflated 4-metre diameter translucent sphere filled with intense coloured light, projected images, animations and shadowy figures gliding around the surface. The shadows tell a 360 degree story viewed by the spectators outside to music from hidden speakers.

A hands on exploration of colour and light during a rich half-day workshop suitable for both schools and community groups. Sessions include: The colour wheel; Colour mixing; Creating colour imagery, An immersive exploration in the ChromaVan.

Ultra-violet hats representing the solar system constructed and performed with by Newsome Junior school.

Work with two high schools in Bradford and three primary schools in Kirklees to improve engagement and creative learning of pupils.

Two-day film-making training courses at the Watershed exploring creative film-making and non-linear video editing techniques and aimed at both adults and young people.


A short play on the subject of paranoia, written in body language and performed by androids. Three robots run on a Moebius Loop behaviour programme affected by the presence of strangers, and they are starting to mistrust each other. Made in collaboration with Forkbeard Fantasy.