Introducing a group of people with learning differences and sensory impairment to a creative process which teach a variety of craft based techniques and small scale production processes.

Producing 2 DVD’s for Kirklees’ HMD event at Huddersfield Town Hall. One an interview with a veteran of the British Army’s liberation of Belsen and the other a record of creative activity with individual accounts from a refugee and asylum seekers support group.

Part of the Watershed team delivering a residential weekend of creative activity with members of the CHARGE syndrome families support group. The video focuses on the activities undertaken by the young people themselves and their thoughts and feelings about the shape of things to come.

A participatory visual arts workshop event with the community of Brackenhall estate as it enters a huge re-development phase, with a celebratory event with the launch of a small exhibition.

Video documenting this international European Leaders in Healthcare Improvement training programme in Manchester.

Vivid colour projecting light sources enhance the perceptions of participants who experience an intimate light show, are bathed in pure colour. Manchester Xtrax festival and Oldham Art Galley

Walkabout visual theatre piece in collaboration with Whitewood and Flemming Music Theatre.