Refresh Berry Brow

Berry Brow flats are two troubled blocks in Huddersfield that house mostly young people including asylum seekers, ex-homeless and ex-prison inmates. The flats are unpopular and are visually unappealing. This project aimed to address both these issues and help build a better outlook.

The run down, tired and neglected flats at Berry Brow in Huddersfield were about to be re-painted.

This project engaged many of the residents and their neighbours in a range of activity to help them consider their surroundings and the impact of any changes as well as make suggestions for the final design.

Where Can I See It?

Visit the project web site Refresh Berry Brow,

or visit the buildings which are visible to the right as you leave Huddersfield on the A616.


This project was created working with artists Lesley Fallais and Jane Revitt in collaboration with Loca, the cultural development agency, for Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing who manage the buildings.

The housing Manager for the area, Jacky Thomas, said:

Everyone is very happy with the transformation at Berry Brow. The flats are now warm and welcoming, not just for the people who live there, but for those who live nearby.

They're a very visible part of the local landscape, so it was very important that the designers took this into account, while also drawing on the ideas of people who live in and around the flats.

They've done a fantastic job. We've had no complaints since the transformation got underway, and the whole scheme has been completed from start to finish in nine months, bang on schedule.