Engaging interactive installation for the touring AniMotion exhibition, featuring a fully automated face-recognition camera and rear-projection structure

18 July – 10 October 2015


A new interactive, generative artwork

Generative Animation
Generative Art is created through an autonomous system that independently determines aspects of an artwork that would otherwise be made by the artist. It mostly refers to computer-generated artwork that is algorithmically determined. This generative animation uses algorithms to control the speed, movement and reactions of the independent animations which never repeat, being freshly created at the moment they are displayed.

Autonomous Face Recognition Camera
A fully automated camera system is able to capture a sequence of images of any audience members’ face that place themselves in front of the camera. The face recognition software will centre on the eyes, then scale, crop and mask the images so they can be precisely matched with and mapped into the on-screen animations.

Image Mapping
The faces we capture are precisely mapped onto the Wing/Face creatures. The result is a compelling, comic and slightly strange mis-match seeing your face on a different body, offering virtual out-of-body experience.

3-D camera Interactivity
The Kinnect 3-D camera technology can sense both the presence and movement of audiences in a given area. In this way the system respond to gestures and movements of the audience, allowing them to control or influence the piece through a simple user interface with no moving parts or physical interaction.

A large projection display featuring a flock of live generated, animated bird-winged creatures - each one with the animated face of a member of the audience mapped onto it. These digital creatures are attracted to visitors walking past, fluttering and congregating around them and even landing on them, only to get frightened away by sudden movement in a flapping, feathery burst of energy.

Using face recognition technology to turn visitor’s features into winged creatures that flap and squawk as they travel across a large-scale screen, reacting to visitors movements.

Face-captured animations of the audiences faces are mapped into flapping wing animations which flutter and flock together, attracted or repelled by the actual audience moving around

Utilising a Kinnect 3D camera and face recognition technology to enable visitors to watch as their face becomes a winged creature that flaps and squawks as it flies around.

Part of the Animotion touring exhibition
  • 18 Jul to 10 Oct 2015 : Darts, The Point, Doncaster, DN1 2DR   12 weeks
  • 24.10.15 to 09.01.2016 : 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe   11 weeks
  • 23 Jan to 02 Apr 2016 : The Civic, Barnsley   10 weeks
  • 09 Jul to 04 Sep 2016 : Maritime Museum, Hull   8 weeks
  • 17 Sep to 12 Nov 2016 : Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk   8 weeks
  • 04 Feb to 01 Apr 2017 : Mansfield Museum   8 weeks
18 July – 10 October 2015